White Shoes

A quality white polish is vital for keeping genuine leathers white and looking great. The best time to start polishing is before you first wear them. A polish will help to protect against marks, light scuffs and stains that are easily shown up on white shoes.


Polishing should take no more than a few minutes. Follow these simple instructions;

  • Apply cream with a soft cotton cloth to both shoes.
  • Allow the shoe cream time to dry. (2 - 5 mins)
  • Then buff off with a clean Polishing Cloth.

For new shoes and regular polishing we recommend Woly Shoe Cream. It's a quality polish that can be used on all fashion white leathers.

For white shoes that are looking tired or are scuffed or marked the Woly Wax Colour is excellent. It's strong pigmentation provides great coverage that doesn't rub off.

For sport, outdoor, textile leathers and synthetics ie golf, tennis or bowling shoes Woly White Liquid Polish will cover the toughest of marks.


It is always best to identify marks or stains as using the right cleaner first time can be crucial to removing them. Removing marks or stains with the correct cleaner is essential, trying to cover a dark mark with a white polish simply won't work.

Universal Cleaner is a soft cleaner for a general clean and will remove most marks. It can also be used on coloured leathers, suede and nubuck.

Cosmic White is a solvent based cleaner with a whitener added and is excellent for those really tough marks. Apply with a clean cloth to marks, best to do the whole shoe. Allow to dry then use a polish to protect and shine.

Oils (ie from butters, creams, lotions) and grease need special treatment and would be best taken to a qualified shoe repairer for advice.

Another alternative is to paint them white or any colour you desire. Go to the how to paint leatther shoes page to find out more.