TRG Easy Dye

TRG Easy Dye

Dyes and restores leather, canvas and synthetic leather. Not suitable for suede or nubuck. Changes the colour, even from black to white!

Easy to use and quick drying. No further finishing required. One kit will easily dye multiple pairs of shoes or handbags.

Available in Metallic colours: 401 Silver, 402 Antique Silver, 403 Brilliant Silver, 404 Platinum, 405 Gold, 406 Old Gold, 407 Brilliant Gold, 409 Bronze, 410 Rose Gold

Also available in Fluro colours: 801 Fluro Yellow, 802 Fluro Orange, 803 Fluro Red, 805 Fluro Green, 806 Fluro Pink

25ml bottle with sponge for preparing and applying.

Note: The colours displayed below should be used as a guide, and may vary according to your computer screen.

TRG Easy Dye