Spray Painting Shoes

A great way to change the colour of your shoes for a new season! Unlike dyes, paint remains only on the surface of the shoe. This means you can easily strip and repaint your shoes.  Paints can also go over any coloured shoe to any colour available.

TRG Super Colour provides a professional finish for both leathers and synthetics. However, using a spray means more preparation work is required and colours are not intermixable. 

Step One: Preparing

  • Use a cloth and wet with Stripper. For leather rub vigorously to remove dirt, polish or oils. For synthetics  Preparer should be rubbed lightly over shoes.
  • It's important when stripping to remove the shine from the leather, this will help the paint to bind better to leather.
  • Cover all areas with masking tape that you are not painting ie sole edges, and pack shoes with paper to stop overspray.

Step Two: Spraying

  • Shake can well.
  • Hold can vertically, spraying 20-30 cm away from shoes in a slow sweeping action. 
  • Apply an even coat and leave to dry for 1 to 2 hrs.
  • Apply a second coat. If needed a third coat may be required.

Step Three: Finishing

  • When completely dry remove all masking tape and paper.
  • Finishes to a high shine. You may use a polish to freshen, but do not rub vigorously.


  • The more time you spend preparing your shoes the better the results will be..
  • Always strip and spray in a well ventilated place.
  • A nice sweeping action at the right distance and shaking can regularly will give you the best results.
  • Each time you apply paint to your shoes make sure that they are completely dry before applying next coat.
  • Thin coats are more effective for a professional finish.
  • Times recommended are very approximate, for a better job leave longer.