Polishing Your Shoes

Get into the habit of polishing your leather shoes regularly. A polish, conditions and helps retain leathers natural oils. It masks scuffs and marks, enhances the colour and provides a protective layer from light rain and spills.

Wren's Shoe Cream is  a quality general leather polish that's quick and easy to use, suitable for all smooth leathers. For shoes that are badly scuffed, damaged or have lost their colour, look no further than Woly Wax Colour. With extra colour pigmentation this polish will bring life back to tired shoes. Woly has a great colour range to choose from.

For a long lasting military high shine use either the Kiwi Black Parade Gloss or the Kiwi Shoe Polish. A hard wax polish that requires a little bit of extra effort applying and buffing, but the results will leave you with a long lasting brilliant shine.

 If you're not the type to polish and buff, then the Calzenetto Ultra Shine is perfect. A silicone oil and wax based sponge applicator pad. Convenient and easy to use on all smooth leathers

For high shine leather shoes Woly Brilliant Shine Liquid is perfect. Made specifically for high shine smooth leather ( not to be cofused with patent leather ) this product is easy to use. Simply apply the liquid with its sponge applicator evenly to clean shoes and let it dry. All these products can be found in our Leather Care section.

polishing Instructions

Polishing should take no more than a few minutes.

  • Start by removing any dirt or debris by wiping your shoes with a damp cloth.
  • When dry apply a small amount of shoe cream and spread evenly in a circular motion over shoes. You can use either cotton cloth or a Polish Application Brush to apply.
  • Take a minute to allow the shoe cream time to dry on each shoe.
  • Once dry, buff off with a Polishing Cloth or Polishing Pad for a high shine.

Tips & trick

  • Try and match the polish as close as you can to the colour of your shoes.
  • If you choose the colour neutral,  use this on light coloured shoes only as it tends to leave a white film on dark coloured shoes over time.
  • Place shoes in shoe trees, this provides a firm surface to polish on. 
  • Always remove shoe laces before polishing to give the tongue of the shoe a good clean this ensures your shoe laces don't get stained by the polish.