Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are a fantastic way to keep your shoes in good condition. They will prevent creasing, wrinkling and will help to make your shoes last longer and looking great for years to come.

Wooden Shoe Trees

For all quality shoes we recommend wooden shoe trees. They help draw heat and moisture from your shoes after a day of wear. Wooden shoe trees ensure that the natural oils within the leather are retained and also helps shoes preserve their shape.

Wooden shoe trees are great for outdoor shoes ie. golf shoes or bowling shoes. When leather gets wet, the drying process can sometimes remove the natural oils within the leather, there by causing leather to dry out. By using wooden shoe trees and allowing shoes to dry in a suitable area ie, in an airing cupboard or similar, you can help prevent this and get years of enjoyment from your shoes.

Note: Never dry your shoes near a direct heat source or in the sun.

We have a large range of wooden, velour and plastic shoe trees available for both mens and women’s shoes and we cover a wide range of shoe sizes. .

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Boot Trees



To keep those boots looking and preforming great for years to come, get yourself a pair of boot trees. Boot trees help maintain the shape of your boots and prevent creases from forming.

Creases that form in the calves of boots, especially around the zip area, are the main cause of zips failing and a zip replacement can be an expensive repair. By investing in a pair of boot trees a repair like this can easily be avoided.

We have a great range of boot trees, from our Long deluxe Boot trees with a trigger for ease of fitting, to our hanging boot trees for wardrobes, or our simple inflatable boot trees. Investing in a pair of boot trees will keep your boots looking fantastic for years and years to come.

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