Suede & Nubuck

Special care needs to be taken for both Suede & Nubuck. There is not much visible difference between the two.  Suede leather has been sanded on the inner layer of the skin, while Nubuck is sanded on the outer or exterior skin of the animal, since the outside layer of a skin is tougher Nubuck tends to be more durable. 

suede brushes

A good brush is a must for caring for Suede and Nubuck. The fine fibres you feel standing up on Suede & Nubuck is referred to as the nap. A Suede Brush will  help remove dust and dirt trapped within the nap keeping  the nap looking fresh and smooth. Regular brushing is an easy and an effective way to care for your Suede and Nubuck shoes. The are also good for Fabric and some Textiles.

For fashion Suede shoes and boots we recommend the Suedette Brush. It's made up of brass wire bristles surrounded by soft protective nylon bristles. To lift the nap, brush over the Suede lightly with the nylon bristles.  For worn down nap, brush vigorously with the middle wire bristles then finish with the nylon bristles.  A Suede brush can also be effective in removing marks and scuffs.


For a versatile brush you can use tha Suede Combi Brush. This has rubber bristles on one side and nylon or brass on the reverse. You can use the serrated edge of the brush to clean between the sole and the uppers of shoes.

Suedette Brush Brass Suede Brush Suede Combi Brush


For AN All over clean

Wrens Combi Foam Cleaner is designed to claen and refresh Suede and Nubuck leather. Will remove most dirt and grubby marks effortlessly.


  • Use suede brush to remove surface dirt and dust.
  • Shake can well and spray on, best to do small areas at a time.
  • Use a clean cloth or a hard brush and work cleaner well into shoes.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Then use Suedette Brush to lift nap and freshen.


Always use the wire bristles of your suede brush first to try and remove most marks and stains, as this can often be quite successful. For tough marks and stains use the Suede Velours Gum. An abrasive yet harmless block which can be rubbed on to the affected area like you would use an eraser. This can remove most stubborn marks and stains quickly without any adverse affects to suede and nubuck. Once the mark has been removed lightly brush with a suedette brush to freshen the nap. This is a simple, safe and very effective solution to removing most stubborn marks and stains.


The Universal Gum is a solid rubber block also used like an eraser and will easily remove most marks and stains on fine suedes, pig skins and smooth leathers. mainly for use on more delicate shoes.

For oily or grease stains use Universal Cleaner. This a great product that will remove most stains, and also good as an all over cleaner for real grubby shoes. However, note that some heavy grease and oil marks may be impossible to remove! Best to get professional advise from a qualified Shoe Repairer


  • Dip brush into Universal cleaner.
  • Apply straight to stain and brush vigorously until stain is removed.
  • Allow to dry then brush lightly to bring the nap up.
  • For an all over clean, dilute Universal cleaner 1 to 1 with water and apply to shoes. Do not wet shoes excessively, just enough to spread cleaner.


The best time to protect your suede shoes is before you wear them. Woly Protector is a waterproofing spray that will build up a resistance within suede & nubuck to greatly reduce the risk of liquid stains!


  • Shake can well prior to spraying.
  • Hold can vertically 20-30 cm above your shoes.
  • Allow spray to fall as a mist onto your shoes.
  • Ensure the whole shoe is covered with a light coat.
  • Leave for 1 - 2 hours to dry.
  • Apply a second coat and then leave overnight before wearing.


  • Once waterproofed try not to handle to much as this can reduce effectiveness.
  • Spray needs to be used regularly, especially after becoming wet or after using a suede brush.
  • Make sure shoes are dry before spraying.
  • The spray will only prevent water and most liquid stains. It will not protect against scuffing.