Waterproofing Shoes

Waterproofing productsWaterproofing leather boots and shoes helps build up a resistance within the leather, greatly reducing the risk of moisture damage, staining or discoloration. Light coloured suedes and nubuck are especially prone to staining from all types of liquids, so waterproofing properly, and on a regular basis is imperative to keeping your leather boots or shoes looking great for years.

Regularly polishing with Wrens Shoe Cream provides some waterproofing, it also helps feed the leather providing good conditioning for all fashion shoes.

For outdoor leather shoes we recommend Beeswax Polish. It contains both beeswax and advocado oil, which helps to replace the natural oils of leather, and provides a barrier against water. Be aware that the beeswax may alter the appearance of your shoes slightly.

Another great options is the Woly protector spray. It’s an invisible spray that is particulary effective for waterproofing smooth leathers, suede, nubuck and heavy fabrics. For delicate footwear and shoes containing a combination of materials eg silk fabric and fine leather use Woly Combi Spray.

If your shoes get wet, the drying process can remove the natural oils within the leather. We recommend you fit your leather shoes in Wooden Shoe Trees and tuck them somewhere dry - such as the bottom of the hot water cupboard. The shoes trees will help keep your shoes in good shape.


Waterproof Spray

The Wolly waterproof protector spray is a really effective waterproofing spray for all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers as well as textiles including breathable membranes. The protector  is completely invisible and works to repel water and most liquids, prevents the formation of water stains.

Make sure your shoes are dry before spraying and apply light coats on a regular basis. Once waterproofed try not to handle to much as this can reduce effectiveness. For suede and nubuck ensure you use a brush first to lift nap. The spray will only prevent water and most liquid stains. It will not protect against scuffing or your feet getting wet if you have holes! Follow the below instructions:

  1. Shake can well prior to spraying.
  2. Hold can vertically 20-30 cm above your shoes.
  3. Allow spray to fall as a mist onto your shoes.
  4. Light coats are best, ensure whole shoe is covered.
  5. Leave for 30 minutes to an hour to dry.
  6. Apply a second coat and then leave overnight before wearing. Water proofing