Shopping for shoes

Shoe fitting

To get the correct fit, make sure you get your feet measured each time when buying shoes. Feet spread with age! And remember its common for feet to be different sizes. Always buy for the biggest foot!

Time of day

The best time to go shopping is later afternoon. You'll find your feet swell to their largest at that time. Walk around the store to ensure a comfortable fit before buying. Try walking on different surfaces ie if the shoe shop is carpeted walk on a hard surface to feel the cushioning of the shoe.


Take time to ensure a good fit when selecting shoes. But, if you feel any discomfort after the purchase of new shoes, you may consider having them professionally stretched by a Qualified Shoe Repairer.

Orthotic Insoles

If you wear orthotic insoles then bring them along with you. That way you can try them out in the shoe before purchasing  shoes.