Insoles For Shoes

If you suffer from sore and tired feet from being on your feet all day – new insoles can certainly help. They provide comfort, support and pain relief for a range of foot ailments. Insoles are one of the easiest and cost effective ways of improving the comfort and fitting of your shoes. There are many types of insoles and they come in varying thickness, sizes and materials to meet specific foot requirements. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing an insole;

  • For business and fashion shoes leather insoles are popular. Leather, being a natural fibre helps draw the heat away from your feet allowing feet to breathe better, also provides firm support. These come in Black and Natural.
  • Sports insoles like the Poly U insoles or the Footcom Footbed have great cushioning. With shock absorbing materials in the forefoot and heel areas these are ideal for all sports shoes, walking shoes, tramping boots and work boots.
  • Our  foam Letex insoles provide soft cushioning for sore and tired feet. 
  • For slippers, ugg boots and walking shoes – the pure Wool insoles are great for warmth and comfort. We also have a synthetic Wool Insole on a latex backing

Choose a full insole for closed shoes, and a sollette (half insole) for high heel and backless shoes. Also check out the Scholl Party Feet range for extra comfort in high heels.

Other considerations

For shortened Achilles Tendons which can occur with women who have worn high heels for years, Heel Cushions can help. They can also relieve heel pain and provide comfort if standing for long periods.

Foot arch pain is a common type of foot pain. So a good firm Arch Support can be crucial to relieving this type of pain. Also helps with flat-feet.

We have a range of Othotics that you can choose from if you suffer from foot problems such as splayfoot ( flat-feet ), hammertoe, claw foot, calluses and metatarsalgia. Check out our Orthopedic range.

At the end of the day there are a number of variables associated with foot pain. Insoles can be a part of the solution – and  a good place to start. However if you suffer from acute foot problems we recommend you seek professional advice. Your local shoe repairer can also help select the correct insole for you.