Stretching can save a lot of pain and discomfort from tight fitting shoes. When buying new shoes it can be difficult to get a real feel of the fit by only walking around the shop for a few minutes. What you thought were comfortable earlier may now have you cursing.

Stretching is a very effective and an inexpensive way to enjoy your shoes. Most Shoe Repairers will have a range of specialist shoe stretching machines allowing them to stretch your shoes where they hurt. Stretching can also be particularly beneficial to people who suffer from bunions and corns.

Most leathers stretch at different rates even the same pair of shoes can stretch differently, Stretching leather is not an exact science and may require a few trails before getting it right. Synthetics and textiles can be stretched but some synthetics have a memory and may return to the original size.


For some women trying to find boots that fit their calves can be quite difficult, especially as the market seems to be a "one size fits all ". Calf stretchers are very effective in widening this area. Boots have a large area of leather around the calves, and leather being a fibre will give quite a bit. You will be amazed at how much this area stretches.

Use a qualified Shoe Repairer to help you go through the specific areas needing to be stretched, as this is a very specialized skill requiring the right machines, the right amount of time and amount of pressure applied to the leather.


Shoe Stretcher

If you are unable to get to a shoe repairer you may want to purchase a Shoe Stretcher. We have a range of specialist shoe stretchers, from our wooden stretchers right through to our Ultracam professional stretchers. 

Stretching Spray

Stretching spray can also help to relieve tight spots on smooth leather shoes only. This will not be as effective as a stretching machine but is a very handy alternative.


  • Always test in a inconspicuous place first, particularly on light coloured shoes as some leathers are more prone to staining.
  • Spray tight spot and surrounding area from a distance of 10 to 15cm and spread evenly. Allow to absorb.
  • For fast results wear shoes immediately and for as long as you can.
  • If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Not suitable for Suede, Nubucks or synthetic textiles.